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The Long War - The Fraud of Fauci And The Covid 19 Virus.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

It is becoming more evident as times goes on that Dr. Fauci and his cohorts were responsible for the development of the spike protein and gain of function ability of Covid 19 to enter the human body. Funding the Wuhan level 4 lab in China was part of the ongoing research of Covid 19 paid for by American Tax dollars. In this interview with Dr. Fleming he outlines exactly what Covid 19 is made up of and how the new variants are becoming less harmful. 

In this interview get information on the ongoing law suites and legal ramification under way against this tragedy. It should never have happened, and millions of lives could have been saved. Once you understand what has taken place over the last few years with Dr. Fauci and the rest of the Deep State actors, you will come come to realize that this was another hoax brought to you by the Deep State and their 3 letter agencies, the WHO, the WEF, Liberal Fascist political operatives, the Main Stream Media and a myriad of other NGO”s and funded organization of Soros and Gates.

Also, Dr. Fleming touches on the Covid 19 Vaccine and what it does to the human body and society as a whole. We have been played big time and the world is slowly coming to realize they are part of a big experiment that had a terrible outcome. The world is watching as these corrupt player continue the fraud.

You can find out about Dr. Fleming and what you and other doctors can do should you come down with Covid at his website. He is only one of many world class doctors trying to reveal the truth and being silenced by the main Social Media companies and Main Stream News.

Other medical doctors and organizations that know what is taking place and provide a host of information can be found at 

The Association of American Physicials and Surgeons

Americas Front Line Doctors


You should also read the information on the Famous Dr. Fauci presented by Dr. Martin a forensic analyst on many fronts. This was presented by American Intelligence Media by Dr. Gabrial.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of Dr. Fauci and the rest as time moves forward. Hopefully Justice will prevail.


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