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The Long War - U.S. Election Fraud And The Italian Connection

Sunday, April 4, 2021

There is much controversy over the U.S. 2020 election and the apparent fraud that was perpetrated by the Cultural Marxism Left. This was a very complex operation involving many foreign countries spearhead by the past administration of Obama. What the world is witnessing currently is the fall of the U.S. from its position of world leadership both economically and politically. It is a cruel joke watching the current U.S. administration, lead by a confused puppet of the Deep State, run the country into massive debt and instigating new war fronts in Ukraine

The popular thought during the Trump administration was that he was a warmonger and would start and continue the 18 year wars of the Bushes and Obama. He did just the opposite. He stopped North Korea’s sabre rattling from a position of strength and leadership. His intention was to bring back troops from Syria and Afghanistan. He closed the U.S. southern boarder to illegal immigrants in defiance of the Soros Deep state “Open Border Policies.” Unfortunately, the real losers are again the America people and freedom loving people around the world. What you are witnessing is nothing but a Marxist takeover of Western Democracies by an elite group of Globalists, under the new mantra “Build Back Better” issued by the World Economic Forum.

Watch this interview with Doug Billings and Maria Zach. This election fraud caused the collapse of the Italian Government and will eventually lead to the demise of Deep State Players.

Another part of the corruption during the 2020 U.S. Elections was the involvement of Dominion Voting Machines and Smartmatic. Smartmatic is a George Soros sponsored company with Lord Malloch Brown as the past head. A look into Lord Malloch Browns past, will show his involvement in many other election irregularities. The truth will eventually come out and expose this, but in the meantime, great damage is being done to the world by this Covid Crisis that is another fraud instigated by the same groups and sponsors.

Watch now the evidence presented by a real patriot “The Pillow Guy” Mike Lindell, “the Irrefutable proof of Election Theft. It’s only a matter of time until the real truth is revealed.


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