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The Long War - The Biggest Hoax On Humanity

Friday, March 26, 2021

This should concern every freedom loving person around the world. There is a conspiracy playing out where Covid 19 is a part. The timing and energy behind this conspiracy is overwhelming and as always we should follow the money. This continuing conspiracy has literally bankrupted many governments helping the financial elites and their compromised enablers to usher in a NWO with a new financial system. The advance of Bitcoin, as of the post, at $55,000 is just a reminder of how fragile the existing system is. Unfortunately, many still believe their political hacks and compromised news media, and look to them for guidance.

Here are some Canadain Doctors speaking out about the current Covid 19 Plandemic. There are many more doctors from around the world trying to ring the alarm bell only to be censored or personaly discredited. This organization is one that is asking the right questions. Its called the Great Barington Declaration

Watch this video from Canada.

We have been played big time, like a fine tuned fiddle, by a compromised elitist group sponsored by the global financial elite and China. Why China you ask? For the last 30 years the financial elite have been funding China, first by letting them into the World Trade Organization under, another compromised, Bill Clinton. Once that was in place they started moving western manufacturing to China for the cheap labour making North America and Europe non competitive. That was just the beginning. Then they came up with the "Global Warming" mantra mainly against the west while China still remains, to this day, unaffected by Global Warming legalities imposed by the politics of the west. When the climate didn’t vary from the norm, they changed the mantra to "Climate Change.” And still there is no variant from the norm.

Then they weaponized the Swift Money transfer system sanctioning counties they did’t like. Those counties responded initiating their own transfer agreements lead by China’s “One Belt One Road “ initiative. Everything was going according to plan for the implementation of U.N. Agenda 2021/2030 with their China model for global governance.  The western political side, the religious side, under the current Pope, and the western militaries following the direction of their political paid off stooges were, and are, all on board. And we all should know who they are, if we are awake. Millions of misplaced migrants from Africa and the Middle East were then sponsored to rush into Europe, another destabilizing event to their economic and social fabric. The same thing is now happening again on the U.S. souther border.

Then a strange thing happened, an outsider by the name of Donald Trump got elected. He wasn’t supposed to win, but he did. The powers that be (TPTB) immediately started a campaign to get rid of him by any means necessary. Every asset in their arsenal was used, the MSM, the FBI, the DOJ, the U.S. Congress and Senate, and most of the other three letter agencies. Trump started overturning all established policies put in place by the stooges that work for the elite cabal and their untaxed foundations, think tanks, and banking interests.

With foreknowledge, of a threatened attack mainly against Trump and his policies, the Covid 19 was released from China and the media immediately was on board with their fear campaign of 100’s of millions dying. Just before the release of the Covid a mock pandemic, “Event 201,” was initiated to debate and prepare leaders how to respond, and we now know what the response was and still is. People lining up for this untested modified gene therapy should think before they take it. You have a non specific immune system that has evolved for 1000’s of years to deal with most viruses, this current one included. Why modify it with something permanently altering from the same people that instigated the virus. Remember, Problem, Reaction, Solution, all created to move their agenda forward. Humanity are the guinea pigs on this one.

Trump was hated by millions through a billion dollar media campaign denigrating his every move. He lost to a rigged election that will eventually see a court room, either military or civilian, where the real evidence can be disclosed. Everything in the U.S. is under state capture including the Supreme Court. But, people are starting to wake up. The U.S. now has a burned out has-been, bobble headed, compromised leader putting the final nail in the U.S. coffin. If the U.S. falls, that will be the end of any free societies. As Benjamin Franklin stated at the Constitutional Convention, “Here is your Republic, if you can keep it."

For those who don’t think there is an agenda to destroy western economies, you better think again. This is unconventional warfare and we are losing big Time. Watch Now.


Its time to stop listening to these pied pipers and their fear campaign and get involved in fact checking and spreading the truth. They are few. We are many.


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