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The Long War - The Final Sting

Thursday, January 14, 2021

2020 will be a year to remember. It was explained it would be the year where tyranny or freedom would be the outcome. As the world watched we saw the Cultural Marxist factions supported by the MSM, the international Social Media companies (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), many multinational corporations, take over America political system and elect democrat Joe Biden. They appear to have won. But it's not over until the fat lady sings, as they say.

In the 90’s, under the Clinton Administration, China was allowed into the World Trade Organization (WTO). That was the beginning of hollowing out Americas industrial base and moving it to China. It was also the beginning of devastating the Americas middle class workers and the moral fabric of society. After 30 years we are now seeing the results of this Cultural Marxist takeover, not only in America but also in most western aligned countries. The Corona Virus has devastated global economies and the current economic structure is at a tipping point.

What we are witnessing in American politics is unprecedented with the emergence of President Donald J. Trump. This long war against the Cultural Marxist left is reaching it final destiny in what could be one of the biggest sting operation in history. The Qanon PsyOp beginning in 2017 created 100’s of millions of followers from around the world outlining the corruption of child trafficking, pedophellia, extortion, bribery, murder, and useless wars that never end. All generated by the corrupt agents of the 911 World Trade Center attacks, the murder of JFK, the 2008 financial collapse, and other high crimes.  911 resulted in the militarization of America under the Patriot Act allowing the never ending war on terror.

As we witness the 20,000 armed U.S. National Guard troops engulfing Washington D.C. and other troops in the major U.S. cities prepare for the inaugural installation of Joe Biden, listen to these word from Dr. Steve Piezcnik. This may be the biggest sting operation in our lifetime or the biggest PsyOp run by the Deep State. 

Dr. Steve Pieczenik came back on to confirm that factions of the U.S. Military are in the process of eradicating many of the Traitors and Pedophiles in the ongoing coup against the United States. Although it seems unlikely this is taking place with the fraudulent election of Joe Biden, it is revealing who the real traitors are all the way up to the Supreme Court. Much of the U.S. Legal and Law Enforcement Agencies are corrupt and the general public around the world is getting a ringside seat to the "Great Awakening."



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