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U.N. Agenda 21 - You Are The Enemy

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

There is an ongoing conspiracy against the free world and you have become the enemy. It is called Agenda 21, sometimes called Agenda 2030. It is a U.N. Agenda initiated in 1992 with 179 signatories at the Climate Summit in Brazil. This is a Marxist agenda for the 21 century with 2030 as a milestone. It is being implemented to control every aspect of your life under a guise called “Sustainable Development.” It will affect every part of your life and once it is fully implemented you won’t be able to do anything about it. It is being implemented right in front of your eyes and you are probably not even aware. Think of the Social Credit Score being implemented in China, a full on surveillance state, to protect you from others who don’t fall in line. They have infiltrated many government agencies and the education systems with the idea that people are the problem and unless they initiate a program of full control we will become extinct from the human footprint. The minions that implement Agenda 21 are the ones that are funding borderless countries, mass immigration, multilateral trade agreements, the Climate Change hoax and the global tax that goes with it, the militarization of police, financial debt bubble, the 911 war on terror, sanctuary cities and states where criminals run free, etc.,etc.,etc. 

The process was well underway since 1992 until Donald Trump came along. The election of Donald Trump put a nail in the coffin of Agenda 21 and they are doing everything in their power to get him out of the way. Watch this presentation with Rosie Koire who wrote the book “Behind the Green Mask” on U.N. Agenda 21. This presentation was in 2013 and much more has been implemented since then. Make yourself aware of what is transpiring before its to late.


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