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2020, The World At A Turning Point

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Since the mid 1700’s most of the discovered world has been covertly controlled by a financial elite, namely the Rothschilds network and their banking and corporate dynasty. They use compromised political, judicial, and corporate operatives to control the resources of the world. They are more responsible for the great wars than any other faction. They have controlled most of the worlds resources since the mid 1700’s, and still do.

In the last century another financial dynasty arose from the U.S. as the baton was passed from the British empire to the U.S., todays supreme economic and military strength. Unfortunately, the same covert financial network remained in control. They established the U.S. Federal Reserve and the central banking network across the globe. The Rockefeller’s grew to be a second U.S. faction of financial power with the discovery of oil and initiated the thought of a One World Government ruled by a ruling financial elite. They helped form the United Nations. At the same time the World Bank, The Bank for International Settlements, and the International Monetary Fund were established mainly to accommodate solutions to resolve debts and fund opportunities resulting from WWII. These organizations have since become weaponized by the elite to maintain control of their global resources and financial interests.

Over the last century these two financial networks became more in control of global resources and finance through monopoly, compromise, bribery, assassination and war. They are both jewish factions and at times worked together for their common good and at times have differences. Epstein was an example of a low level compromising operative. Now that most of the resources are under their control, they and their operatives have become the financial elite controlling the majority of the financial wealth, the 1%. They have milked the global financial system to the point that it is at the edge of collapse by design. A new economic order is in the wings. 

There is now a power struggle happening between the two factions. One side wants the U.N. model of Agenda 21  an agenda for the 21st century. No nation states, just one big melting pot of humanity controlled from a global centralized agency. They like the Chinese model. This is the Rockefeller, Soros network. They have been working hard to establish financial wealth for China by moving industrial America to China. They fund the mass migrations, borderless countries, multilateral trade agreements like TPP, the climate change initiative, transgenderism, multiculturalism, racial identity, etc.

The other side wants to run the world from a re-established Zionist greater Israel. They still believe in Nation states, for now, and have their operatives in place and currently run their network from the City of London. Their future plans are to eventually run and control the world from Jerusalem. This falls in line with the Scofield bible prophesy established in the early 1900’s. They have the backing of some evangelical Christians who believe that the establishment of Israel is a fulfilment of bible prophesy

The Rothschilds along with the British government established Israel for the Zionists as a result of WWII. The Zionist idea was hatched in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and finally came to fruition in 1948. They have financially controlled the British Empire, the Vatican Bank, the U.S. and most of the world through the central banking network. They have been involved in a faction of Masonry called the “Illuminati” that believe in occult practises and Luciferian doctrine. You can see this in the architecture of the Rothschild funded buildings in Israel.  It looks like the Illuminati has morphed into a more modern version.


911 was another Pearl Harbour event orchestrated by the Zionist, the Saudis and U.S. operatives like Cheney, the Bushes, Rumsfeld. This was initiated to sway the American population to support an never ending war on terror to basically destabilize and defeat the enemies of the Zionists and other elite factions. It was also implemented to destroy evidence of nefarious activities that were being investigated by the FBI and Naval Accounting offices in the Pentagon. PNAC. the “Project for a New American Century” was designed by Zionists within the U.S. political and military establishment to destabilize and take over 7 counties, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Iran. Core members of the PNAC include Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, R. James Woolsey, Elliot Abrams, Donald Rumsfeld, Robert Zoellick, and John Bolton. Many of these people are dual citizens of Israel and the U.S. Although this was supposed to be a five year initiative, it is still an ongoing 19 year war the U.S. has been supporting on behalf of the Zionist’s (U.S.Interests) since 911.

These initiatives are still being implemented to maintain their control of strategic resources and move their goal of global dominance forward. There is much more history behind what is occurring today that has just been touched on here and many moving parts to what is happening today. The Trump phenomenon, Brexit, Trade Wars, the rejection of Climate change hoax is just a sign of the awakening by the masses that we are beginning to see.  

The mockingbird media of the west is totally controlled by the elite and acts as a propaganda machine. Alternative media outlets presented on the internet are changing things, and are trying to promote the truth in many cases. If they don’t fall in line with the official narrative they are being banned by the big social networking companies like Google and Facebook. People like Julian Assange and Epstein have been silenced to protect the official narrative and operatives who have been compromised in this ongoing battle for truth, transparency and freedom.

The U.S. presidents, like in many other counties, are puppets of the financial elite. Obama was a puppet of one side and Trump appears to be a puppet of the other. Its a war to the finish for global dominance. When you see things in this light it makes a little more sense. 2020 brings the world to a turning point. The dismantlement of one faction or the other. Individual freedom vs global tyranny stands in the balance.

Note: Zionism is an ideology not a race or a religion. There are many peace loving jews against Zionism, although most Zionists are jews. The ADL tries to bundle them together. If your against Zionism your against jews and Israel and are considered an antisemite. Nothing could be further from the truth.


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