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The Marxist Left Making Their Way Into U.S. Politics

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The rise of the Far Left in America is a phenomenon that was seeded years ago. Unfortunately, the millennials have been the most affected by the same culprits who have undermined the freedoms and standards of living that were enjoyed post second world war. Prior to the assassination of JFK, Deep State actors have been active in undermining the Democratic Republic of the U.S. and other parts of the free world.

Marxism has infiltrated the free world with the Climate Change hoax, the Woman’s Liberation Movement, Abortion on Demand, Predatory Capitalism, Political Correctness, Gender Identity, War on Terrorizm, Unnecessary Wars that only benefit the Deep State actors and their corporations, Unfair Banking Legislation in regard to Student Loans, etc, etc. 

This has left the generation of millennial’s without hope for a future and prime to be indoctrinated with far left ideologies where everything is free. The moral and ethical norms that once brought about success have been turned upside down. Common sense has no home by design.

The Climate Change Hoax was spearheaded by Al Gore and the IPCC to push a global problem that only a Global Government can remedy. Remember when you were told the sea would raise by 12 feet flooding the coastal areas all over the world, and the polar bears would become extinct due to the arctic ice cap melting. In fact, the climate is cooling because of the cyclical activity of the sun. This kind of propaganda is nothing new. The majority of people once believed the world was flat. The fear of global warming has now made millennial’s afraid to have children. That is now a new mantra and unfortunately, many have bought into the hoax.

The Woman’s Liberation Movement was another Deep State sponsored initiative that enabled the taxation of the non working female half of the population. It also promoted the destruction of the family unit promoting indoctrination of young children by an education system where the state takes the roll of the parent. Think common core education. For the globalists, this has been a total success. 

Aaron Russo was a movie producer, the manager for Bette Midler and ran for Governor of the state of Nevada. He was befriended by Nick Rockefeller to join the globalist’s club, but refused and continued to pursue the cause for freedom. Here is part of an interesting interview Aaron Russo gave before his death on the “Woman’s Lib Movement” and many other issues. You can watch the full documentary with Aaron Russo, here.

The interview with Aaron Russo on the Influences That Promoted the Woman’s Liberation Movement


We could go into more detail about other mentioned issues, but suffice it to say, they have all be orchestrated to bring us to here and now by Left leaning globalists. The new Far left “Justice Democrates" have come up with a new idea to bring in Marxist ideologies into the U.S. Congress. The newest being Alexandria Ocasio Cortez a bartender who accepted a casting call to become a political operative. The millennials have been undermined for sure. It is just part of a bigger plan their fathers and grandfathers died to protect them from. Communism is one step from Socialism. If you think you are winning with the likes of Alexandria Cortez, think again! You deserve much better.

The next two videos will explain


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