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William Barr - An Old Swamp Creature As The New Attorney General

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Trump has chosen another Deep State swamp creature, William Barr, to head the U.S. Justice Department as the new Attorney General. For all those that support Donald Trump, it has to make you wonder why he would pick an individual that has long standing ties to the CIA and the Deep State. Either he is working for the Deep State himself or, as some have said, he is playing some type of 3 dimensional chess. Let's hope it is the later.

Barr has close connections with Robert Mueller and his tribe and was also a fixer for G H W Bush’s nefarious dealing in the CIA, the Vietnam war, the Iran Contra affair, Watergate, etc. If he is approved, the coverup of the corruption inside the U.S. government, over decades, will likely remain that way. This is just another attempt to conceal what many consider, the obvious and will be a sad day for true justice and the Trump presidency. 

It is assumed, because of his connections and experience, he will be easily approved

Below is an x CIA wistleblower Kevin Shipp exposing William Barr’s long standing credentials and ties to the Deep State. The original ytube video was taken down. This is an update by Kevin Shipp.


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