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Martial Law Coming, Indictments Issued, Prison Barges Being Moved to GITMO

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

There has been speculation that during former President GHW Bush’s funeral, indictments were handed out to high profile politicians and former presidents. That is certainly not fact, but something they did received seemed to be very shocking and disturbing. Since the state of emergency issued by President Trump in 2017, as of December 22, 2018, 69,405 sealed indictments are on record. Since that time that number has been reduced to 68,400 indicating over 1000 have been issued or cancelled. Another interesting rumour is that both Senator John McCain and former U.S. President GHW Bush were both charged with treason and given the opportunity to exit this world on their own initiative or have their reputations dragged though the mud during upcoming trials for treason. We will never know the truth of those rumours as part of the agreement would include funerals similar to royalty where their reputations are held in high regard and the reputation of their families would remain safe.

In the case of John McCain, it is know he was a big supporter of ISIS, the supposed enemy of the U.S. and the free world. This compilation of articles buy Jeff Gates of Veteran’s Today exposes Senator John McCain in a more realistic light than shown at his funeral. GHW Bush is also known for nefarious activities during his tenure as director of the CIA, Vice President, and President. Both GHW Bush and Bush junior are know to be involved with the 911 catastrophe and its alleged coverup.

The video below highlight the activities at the Bush funeral and gives the video coverage of Bush, the Clinton’s, the Biden’s, the Obama’s and Pence’s receiving notice of something disturbing.

There is also suspect information that Martial Law may be implemented in the near future in light of what is taking place with the resignation of Generals Maddis and Kelly. Were these also Deep State characters? The withdraw of U.S. military forces from Syria caused many Deep State supporters angst allowing Putin and Erdogan to finish the clean up of the Syria war. There is also news that Prison Barges are heading to Cuba’s GIMO military prison. As 2019 opens, the Congress will be in the control of the Left Socialist Democrats that have made their intentions know to try and impeach President Trump. If this impeachment of the president takes traction, Martial Law could be used to counter. We live in interesting times and are witnessing a war not only for the control the U.S. but also of the human race. The age old battle for good vs evil is front and centre.

Coming Martial Law, Deletion of Twitter Accounts, Prizon Barges Heading to GITMO

We Live in Interesting Times. May 2019 Bring Peace and Good Will to All


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