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Treason and the Demise of the Obama, Clinton, and Bush Network

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Will the Republicans maintain the majority in the Congress and Senate they have enjoyed since the Trump victory? Mike Adams from “CounterThink” doesn’t think so. He is predicting a Democrat majority in the midterm elections that will start a sequence of events leading to the impeachment of President Trump, Martial law and military tribunals.

Whether the Republicans maintain a majority or not, plans are in place to start trials against those that committed treason acts against the United States and the currently elected President. There are currently over 50,000 sealed indictments on the books that have to be dealt with. The Deep State actors will be held accountable once the holdovers from the Obama Justice system have been replaced. This is currently in the works. 

We see the Left denigrate Judge Kavanaugh to impede him from being nominated to the Supreme Court. This nomination is important for President Trump as he will have more support from the Supreme Court when the trials begin.

As we know polititians are the servent class of the deep state higharcy. The CEO’s of the big multinationals and their behind the curtain owners direct them through their think tanks, foundations and donations that get them elected.

Watch and Listen to Mike Adams as he walks us through the scenario that could take place if the Left come up with a majority this fall. He calls it Trumps, Chaos Plan. Time will Tell.


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