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The 911 Perpetrators Revealed and the War in Syria

Sunday, April 8, 2018

In a past post “Why the Events of 911 Matter” it was outlined why it is important that the world comes to the truth about destruction of the 911 World Trade Towers. The government sponsored NIST report was an obvious cover up with the help of a complaisant media to push the narrative. Recent polls show that about half the people believe it. 

Since the U.S. congress has allowed victims of the tragedy to sue Saudi Arabia for its involvement, more information is being revealed. 

It also appears some of the same perpetrators are involved the the Syrian war effort to remove Assad, again, for the same interests of oil and gas. It is obvious who the controlling factions are when you see who is on the board of Genie Energy.

The geopolitical stakes in the Middle East have just gotten higher by an order of magnitude. Take a little-known Newark, New Jersey oil company, the contested Golan Heights between Syria and Israel, add a reported major oil discovery there just as Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria goes into high gear, shake it vigorously and we have a potential detonator for World War III.

Obviously it isn’t about getting rid of another mad man who uses chemical weapons and all other kinds of atrocities to kill his own citizens. It was the U.S., the Saudi’s and Israelies who funded ISIS and provided their weapons to implement their PNAC project. They pretended to be at war with ISIS as they were helping to get rid of Assad. It wasn’t until Russia stepped in that real progress is defeating ISIS was accomplished. Now that Trump wants to leave Syria he is finding it increasingly difficult to go against the warmongers among him.

This audio Video from Aim4Truth gives a nice summary of the perpetrators of 911. You can get more information from other links on this site and from here


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