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The War for Freedom and the Deep State Infiltration of Social Media

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The war against a communist style infiltration of social media is well underway. Hundreds of conservative Ytube channels have been taken down by Google without explanation. Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter are joined to the CIA and are part of the Deep State's information gathering system. They use this information to profile you, your interests, habits, beliefs, etc. These are communist tactics that are now being used to suppress any person who doesn’t fall in line with the deep state narratives and policies. These are policies and tactics used in Communist China and North Korea. 

The regressive left in the west have become so dumbed down and PsyOp'ed they don’t know the danger of their own folly. The freedom of speech and ideas is being suppressed by the giant media companies as part of their New World Order agenda. Anyone who thinks a NWO is in your best interest should think again. Do you actually think that individual human rights will supersede State or NWO rights? That is the main issue. Totalitarian governments dictate what you can believe, speak, and think. That is what is happening in the west. Politically correct indoctrination is taking your freedoms away. Now you can be charged or sued for speaking or writing any unpolitical correct statement or thought.

They want you divided on any issue, race, gender, political affiliation, colour, religion, etc. and the dumbed down populace falls in lock step. They are suppressing the conservative voice of Freedom Patriots all over the world by curbing their search engine results, taking away their add revenue and banning them from their platforms.

The giant social media companies, through the fraudulent U.S. Copyright Office, have used stolen software for their platforms; stolen from Leader Technologies. It appears the U.S. Patent Office was taken over by the Deep State. Any innovative patents that are coveted by the Deep State are basically stolen and the originators are hung out to dry. Do you really think Mark Zuckerberg became an overnight billionaire on his own without the backing of a network of banks, think tanks, rouge government agencies and supporters like Soros? These again are left wing totalitarian tactics being used to control the social media giants to suppress the conservative voice and investigation results that differ from the Deep State narratives.

FIGHT the censorship.
You, the PEOPLE, have ALL the POWER.
You simply forgot how to PLAY.
They want you divided.
They want you silenced.
We are WITH you.

Live Free or Die 


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