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The FISA Memo and What Wasn't in the Memo

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Memo outlining the the illegal events for obtaining a FISA court order to surveil the Trump Republican party before and after the election has been released. After many objections from the democrats saying it would discredit the FBI agency and would hurt the national security of the country, the democrats and left media outlets said it was a non issue. 

This memo was a short summary of the allegations found in criminal activities in the FISA approval process to obtain surveillance of Trump with little detail and supporting evidence. But, the supporting evidence it there which will likely be released as both sides do their due diligence. What it did do is exposed the Obama holdovers in those agencies who committed the crimes. This was likely release in such a way to open up the fact that crimes were committed by the American justice system and the FISC Court that approves spying on American citizens.

It is what wasn’t in the memo that opens the door for the masses to open their mind and start questioning what their government has been covering up over the last 16 or more years. More memos are coming disclosing the involvement of the State Department in criminality activities. The American people should be happy that finally justice might prevail. No more a two tiered justice system: one for the privileged, and one for the rest of us.

Watch this video from American Intelligence Media for more information and supporting evidence.


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