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Evidence Mounts the Florida High School Shooting was Another False Flag

Saturday, February 17, 2018

More evidence is mounting that the Florida high School shooting may be another false flag similar to the Sandy Hook shooting, the Florida Night Club shooting and the Mandalay Bay concert shooting. A video showing an interview being used by the MSM for the actual shooting was tapped at 9:32; four hours before the shooting took place.

Quote “This is Alex View, this recording is taken at 9:32 on February 14th 2018, “Hogg Says. “Alex, are you ok will me recording this?” "Yes. I am ok with you recording this.” Alex responds. 

This person has become the media's star student for student gun law protests. Another video by the same person suggest that a drill had become a real live incident. All of this casts suspicion on who or what is behind these events. Is it just some crazed individual acting alone: or are there others motives and forces involved in these incidents.

Interview at 9:32 four hours before the shooting

Another Student says she talked to the shooter and the shots she heard were in another part of the building.

Here is testimony of a student that actually talked to the shooter in the high school as the event was taking place.

Another student testimony

It brings into question the FBI who investigate and takeover these cases. Once they enter the scene the cases go dark, as in the Mandalay Bay incident, or the evidence is obfuscated to portray a certain outcome or to support a certain narrative. 

In all of these cases, the left wing media discredit the second amendment shouting guns should be outlawed.” We know there is an agenda. Also, It has been reported that student David Hogg was coached on what to say by left wing media organizations to support gun control.

We know that the NSA collects all data, including emails, social media, and phone calls to identify potential problems of terrorist activities, but the information is obviously being ignored or mishandled. So what is the real purpose of intense surveillance when it appears useless in cases like this?

Who or what is behind these tragic events? It is much bigger than what it appears. The MSM and the Democrats flooded the News Channels with the Trump Russian collusion narrative for over a year. After millions spent, there was no collusion with Russia and the Trump team. In fact, John Kerry approved the VISAs for two Russian operatives indicted by Mueller for election tampering. So you have to question what is the real agenda. It would be ludecrous to think that other foreign governments don’t try to influence elections just like the United States does. Think Ukraine, think Venezuela, think Libya, think Egypt, think Syria, think Israel, think Saudi Arabia. 

All of this is Deep State activity. There are still rouge operatives within the U.S. agencies working to destroy America. The New World Order operatives have been in place for decades. To them you are sheep to be sheared, herded and controlled under a one world utopian government. Understand how they operate - (Order out of Chaos)

Freedom is never Free. Millions have given their life to its pursuit. Be vigilant and challenge the Status Quo.

Maybe its time to put GOD and Prayer back into the education system.


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