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The Five Steps to Subvert and Take Over a Country Without Firing a Shot

Monday, November 26, 2018

The United States, countries of  British Commonwealth and Europe are under siege from an elitist order that the masses are only beginning to realize. The current populist movement is an affront to this order. This process of subversion is supported and funded by the left elitists of the world, both corporate and political, to bring about their utopian One World Order. This process takes about a generation to implement and is close to reaching its fulfillment. 

This subversion technique is a five step process that has been successful in past history in overthrowing governments and societies and bringing about communist style dictatorships throughout the world. It is a process to align both the free world and the authoritarian world into one global homogenous authoritarian entity. In the following videos the subversion process will be outlined with the final process being “Normalization.” 

This video was produced by the author of “Black Pilled” called the “Confessions of a KGB Agent.” It is not just happening to America and is a wake up call to all freedom loving peoples of the world. Most world events don’t just happen, they are planned sometimes decades in advance. This is an example of a process that is so subtle it is like boiling frogs. Most people don’t even realize it’s happening. 

This KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov, defected in 1970 after a deployment to the embassy in India and settled in Montreal Canada.  This interview was taken in 1983 and demonstrates the process of Subversion carried out by Communist Soviet Union. Today it is carried out by elitist who desire a global social order without national borders and a transnational work force.

Since the breakup of the Soviot Union, Russia has encourage the growth of the Christian church. If the truth is to be known Putin is likely having the same problem keeping the Bolshevik elements from taking over Russia once again.


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