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Purging the Global Criminal Cartel and the Importance of Hillary Clintons Run in 2020.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

It’s not hard for thinking people to see that the left leaning media In the U.S and Europe have a hate on for President Donald Trump. It is also not hard to see that the global social media companies (Google, Facebook and Twitter) are suppressing conservative viewpoints that conflict with their New World Order ideology. Obviously they are afraid of what President Trump will allow to be revealed to the public and his intended dismantlement of their planned take over of the globe. In this two part interview with Mike Harris of Veterans Today and Shara Westhall, they discuss and shine a light on the truth behind the Syrain War, 911, human trafficking and the Trump Presidency.

The U.S and Europe are being subverted and turned upside down in order to dismantle the social fabric that made Nation States successful. Watch this interview and learn why it is so important that Hillary Clinton runs in 2020.


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