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QAnon and the Global Consciousness Awakening

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The phenomenon, known as QAnon, is beginning to show up on the Main Stream Media (MSM). Who or what is QAnon and why should you care? Evidence now shows that Deep State players are being systematically taken down by the U.S. Administration. It is reported that QAnon is someone or something making anonymous posts, leaving what they call “bread crumbs."  These posts ask poignant questions or post statements that, if researched, lead to revealing truths concerning the corruption and criminal activities that have plagued the U.S. government and other governments for decades. The idea is that individuals will do there own research and come to their own conclusions.

QAnon started posting on an anonymous site called “4chan” in October 2017. You can download the entire set of post here. Some speculate that the poster/posters are the “White Hats” within the Military and Intelligence community that are fed up with the corruption and fraud. They appear to be tied to someone high up within the U.S. administration.

The rationality behind this disclosure is to condition the collective consciousness of the masses that seek the truth of the corruption and criminality behind the politics and legal system of the United States and other allied nations. The truths, that will soon be disclosed, will find the unaware masses grasping for answers of how they have been systematically brainwashed and deceived.  

Alternate news sources, outside of the five Deep State media organizations, have been doing a superb job of enlightening the masses to the truth. The conspiracy theories of yesterday are being unmasked for the truth they hold. 

As we enter 2018, be ready, and fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be an interesting ride. 

The Storm Has Arrived - It’s Happening

Here are two videos explaning QAnon.


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