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The Hordes of Islam invading Europe at the Deep States Invitation

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Most people believe that the hoards of people migrating from North Africa and the Middle East into Europe is just a happenstance. The reason the media gives is that the people are fleeing from the war torn areas in Libya and Syria. These wars are fomented by the Deep State. Most of the migrants are young males with no education or job skills, and contrary to logic, many of the leaders of the European countries are welcoming them with open arms. The reality is that these outcomes were planned years ago by the Deep State as part of the plan to destabilize these countries and to weaken there culture and sovereignty. Again, a divide and conquer plan to create crisis and chaos so the masses will eventually accept a solution that advances their New World Order plan of globalization.

Nobody wants to deprive destitute people from a helping hand to get their lives back together. That is a given, but this crisis is much more than what it first appears. It has provided the Deep State more opportunity to disrupt the religion, culture, financial security and social infrastructure of the counties involved. The elimination of Libya’s Gaddafi and the failed elimination of Assad in Syria are part of the planned takeover of these countries to bring them into the NWO fold. The plan was hatched in the Pentagon by Zionist/Neocon war planners like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl and a few others under the “Project for a New American Century” (PNAC).

Unknown to the electorate, the plan had it origins back in 1991 and the 911 attacks of 2001 were the new “Pearl Harbour” to get the electorate on side for the U.S. military’s conquest of the middle east on behalf of the Zionist Deep State apparatus. As the attacks in Afghanistan began hunting the infamous patsy bin Laden, the war theater was suddenly changed to Iraq and Saddam Hussein and his imaginary weapons of mass destruction. They nearly won those wars but left both counties in disarray and prime for future uprising from the people they once defeated. Was this part of the plan; perpetual war?

After a new U.S. administration was voted in and Obama took control, the theatre was changed to support the Muslim Brotherhood and the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya. This war was spearheaded by the French. The war theatre changed again to Syria and the U.S. supported ISIS to remove Assad. It is interesting that both bin Laden and Hussein were CIA assets that were put in place by the CIA and supposedly would no longer go along with the game plan. 

Now the ongoing wars in Yemen and Ukraine are taking a back seat to Russia, North Korea and Iran. What is obvious is that this is an ongoing effort to bring these nations under the imperial rule of the Anglo/American/Israeli axis. Billions of dollars are being made by the Elite Deep State apparatus in funding these wars all at the taxpayer expense. The mantra and constant indoctrination of psychological fear is being pumped into the electorate by the other arm of the Deep State, the Main Stream Media. False Flag events keep the fear mongering front and centre and constant war is the biggest money maker for the Deep State Zionist Bankers.

Another leg of the Deep State plan was hatched in Nov. 27, 1995 and started to be implemented in 2010 under the Barcelona Agreement when the hordes of Muslims began their migration to Europe and are being welcomed by the Deep State owned political pundits of Europe. This goes beyond common sense for the civilian populations of these countries and is sure to cause their complete loss of identity and culture that they have vigourously defended and died for, until now. Do you not think the war planners considered this? People are starting to wake up.


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