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The Neutering of U.S. President Donald Trump

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Donald Trump, whether you like him or not, did America and the rest of the world a big favor. He exposed the underbelly of the U.S. political system, and the media for what they are, corrupt to the bone. The system is rigged in a hundred ways.  As narcissistic and self aggrandizing as his is, there was hope that Trump would start to clean house. Instead, he decided to play along with the Republican party and try to push his agenda for a new America.  His efforts have been blocked viciously by the left Democrats, the media, as well as members of his own party. The Deep State, has been, and still is deeply embedded in U.S. political system, the military and intelligence community.  It would be almost impossible for one man to kill the beast.

The left wing media, that is the mouth piece for the Deep State, has been doing everything in their power to turn the disorganized masses against him. Only one major News Network (Fox News ) gives him some support. Members of his team have been leaving like rats off a sinking ship. The latest being Steve Bannon, who probably saw the writing on the wall and said these words, “The Trump presidency we fought for, and won, is over”. He is now going to fight for the Trump agenda from the outside. That original agenda to “ drain the swamp" and make “America Great Again”.

Trump’s presidency was an accident in that he was not funded by the Deep State. He was not supposed to win. Now the Deep State apparatus is working overtime to neuter him and bring him in line with their  NWO agenda. His latest speech in Phoenix gave it away when he announce sending more troops to a 16 year war in Afghanistan against his gut feelings. He said when you become president things change, and change they did.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, one of the influential people who helped get him elected, is not happy with Trumps decision and believes he was coerced by his generals into another useless war effort that will have no consequences except for the death of soldiers and civilians. It appears Trump has been neutered by his ex- Goldman Sach’s Banker advisors and military generals. The international bankers and military industrial complex appear to be taking charge. Time will tell.

Listen to the latest interviews with Dr. Steve Pieczenik MD PhD with Alex Jones and you will learn some very important history and relevant facts about what is happening today.


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