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The Media's Psychological War on Syria and U.S. President Trump

Monday, August 21, 2017

The War in Syria appears to be coming to an end, mainly due to Russian intervention. We know that the Benghazi incident, involving Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was a covert gun running operation to help overthrow Gaddafi in Libya. Once that was accomplished, the covert operation was changed to supply the Syrian rebel forces for the next overthrow of Syria. Also of interest, is the oil tankers trucks that were used, with the help of the U.S., Israel, Saudi, and Turkey, to run oil out of Iraq to fund ISIS were from Texas. The U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the International Bankers were covertly all sponsors of ISIS to remove Assad. This has been outlined in previous posts

One must also remember that all wars are bankers wars, so billions have been made by the bankers, arms dealers, and weapon producers. The propaganda by the western news media does everything to denigrate the leader of the country being over thrown. Once a country is destroyed and the war ends, the international bankers loan the money to the government to rebuild the country, again at the expense of the country’s taxpayers.

The psychological operations performed on the public by the MSM never ends. We see that in progress everyday by the left wing media in the U.S. denigrating President Trump. This is a psyops operation by the leftist elite to oust President Trump. The same tactics used to oust any leader they don’t like. He is a President that funded his own campaign and is not part of the Deep States plan. He is a thorn in their side and is trying to undo much of what they have put in place over the last few decades.

Here is an interesting debate between the supporters of both sides of the Syrian war effort and is a living example of how this psyops operation works. You be the judge on who wins this debate.


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