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The Deep State and Shadow Government of the United States

Monday, August 28, 2017

For those that may be new to the idea that there is a hidden or secret government operating without any oversight or accountability, this presentation by former CIA Officer - Anti Terrorism Specialist should dispel any unbelief or confusion. In this presentation Kevin Shipp totally unmasks the Deep State and Shadow Government of the United States of America. This presentation confirms much of the subject matter presented on this web site. This presentation only deals with the Deep State and Shadow Government of the U.S. and it should be noted that Britain, Israel, major EU Countries, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. have the same operations in place but to a smaller scale. At the top of these Covert Agencies are the Banks that help them fund and launder their Black money. This would be the Zionist run Global Banking Empire that pulls the strings behind the scene to forward their agenda of a One World Government.

As more of this information comes out we see the existing governments, of the so called “free world,” are corrupt and treasonist toward their Constitutional Laws and the people they are supposed to represent. All of the money that isn’t “Black” and “off book” comes from the tax payers who are mostly totally unaware of these operations. The “Black Money” comes from the selling of Drugs, Armaments, Sanctioned oil from ISIS, sex trafficking, bribery, and extortion and is laundered by the Zionist banking mafia. That why bankers never go to jail even when they are found guilty, they pay a pittance of a fine and continue their operations unimpeded.

The so called “War on Drugs” is a perfect example of one of the Deep State’s money making schemes. When the Taliban ruled 3% of the heroine came from Afghanistan, now it’s 97%. Where does the money go? President Trumps war in Afghanistan is another farce, note by Dr. Steve Pieczenik. The military is there to protect U.S interests and the poppy fields. Prior to 911, negotiations for an Afghanistan Pipeline that would run from the Caspian area, through Afghanistan, to the Indian Ocean was being impeded by the Taliban. On May 30, 2002 a new pipeline agreement was signed but has since been stalled. The 911 attack was one of the major motivations to justify invading Afghanistan thus removing the Taliban so the construction could commence. These were all Deep State maneuvers.

Enjoy this documentary with Kevin Shipp and see what agencies make up the Deep State and the Shadow Government of the U.S., then join the resistance. The world deserves better.

Kevin Shipp


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