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ISIS - Who Are They And How Are They Funded

Thursday, July 13, 2017

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq) is an Islamic mercenary army waring in Iraq and Syria. Its roots were tied to al-Queda. Al- Queda was and is another terrorist group that was funded by the U.S. through Pakistan when Osama bin Laden was its head, and was fighting against the Russians in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian Wahhabis and a CIA asset that was trained by the CIA along with many of his followers. After the Afghan war with the Russians, he became the instrumental boogey man for the attack on the World Trade Towers in New York on 9/11/2001.

Contrary to the official narrative from the U.S. Government and the Zionist owned Main Stream Media, Osama Bin Laden died shortly after the 911 attacks. This was said by former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan ( 2:17 mark) who was later assassinated, by President Musharraf of Pakistan and by a highly reputable x-government official Dr. Steve Pieczenik

It is interesting that when the U.S. government annouced they had killed bin Laden he was living in a house (the house was later demolished) next door to a major Pakistani millitary base. Oddly enough, the Pakisitani military new nothing about the inhabitants.  His body was supposedly taken to an aircraft carrier and buried at sea. No pictures or proof, just take our word for it and take the Hollywood movie Zero Dark Thirty as the official narrative. No testimony or witnesses from the crew of the aircraft carrier. A few months later most of seal team six that was resposible for the assassination was killed in a helicopter crash under extremely neffarious circumstances. The parents of some of the seal team members have a class action lawsuit against the U.S. government for an alledged cover up.

Both terrorist groups have been covertly used by the Zionist controlled U.S. government and military to destabilize governments that won’t fall in line with the Zionist/Jesuit New World Order cabal. In the case of Libya, they wanted to remove Gadhafi because he was going to set up a new monetary system for Africa using his gold reserves to back an African Dinar. That was and an affront to the French Franc and the wests Zionist run central banking system. Gadhafi’s gold disappeared but most likely found its way back to London leaving Libya in a state of disarray to this day. 

The Benghazi incident involving then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a gun running operation to provide armaments to Muslim Brotherhood/al-Queda forces to overthrow Gadhafi and later to provide weapons for ISIS forces to overthrow President Assad of Syria.

Do you see the pattern here? The New World Order cabal made up of the Zionist elite bankers, the Jesuit controlled religious arm and the U.S. Zionist controlled U.S. military as their enforcement arm have used terrorist organizations to fight “the good fight” in overthrowing governments that stand in their way. This interview “The Shell Game” with Scott Bennett is very revealing in how these armies are funded. This is nothing new as the Rothschild banking cabal has been funding both sides of wars for centuries - nothing new here.

As the truth comes out about the worlds current state of affairs, it must be remembered that the Zionist/Jesuit cabal in no way reflects upon the Jewish peoples who like most want to live in peace and have normal lives. Most Jewish people are as unaware of what is behind the current state of affairs as is their Gentile counterparts. Anyone who critisizes the Zioninst cabal is labeled an anti Semite which itself is a misnomer. The Zioinst movement started with Russian, Europeans, and American peoples that have no Semite blood in their viens but adopted a form of Talmudic Jewish religion. They are for the most part Ashkenazi Jews, historically from the former Soviet Union and Europe the history of which has been suppressed for obvious reasons. The othodox Jews of Israel are against Zionism and believe that statehood is against Gods direction. Before Zionism, Jews, Christians and Palastinians lived together peacefully.


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