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Antisemitism, and the Difference Between Zionism, Rothschild Zionism and Judaism

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The current definition of "antisemetic” is being hostile, prejudice or discriminatory against Jews as a group. The word “antisemite” would also infer the same definition against any people of semite origins which would include members of the Arab race. Most Jews in Israel today are anything but semites and as stated in earlier articles, they originated from Kazaria a country once located in southern Russia taking in Crimea. The King of Kazaria looked at the three monolistic religions of his day and decided to accept a form of Jewish religion for himself and later for his country. When they were expelled from their country by the Russians, they took the wealth of the country and migrated to different parts of Europe and generations later eventually to other parts of the world and eventually to Israel.

Most jews today that live in Europe, America and Israel are not semtitic jews as noted in the study by Dr. Eran Elhaik a geneticist at the John Hopkins School of Public health. Over 90% of the worlds 12.7 million jews are Ashkanazi, jews with a Kazarian/European genetic ancestry. 

The aristocracy of Karzanain jews developed a form of Babylonian Talumudic Religion which differs from the religion of the Orthadox Jews that are followers of the Tora. The Talmud originated as an interpretation of the Tora by the ancient Rabbis and became the religious teachings of the Pharisees during the time of Christ. Its authority originated from a interpration of the original law given to Moses by those at the base of the mountain where he received the law. Christ referred to the Pharises as the “Synagogue of Satan” and for good reason. One form of the Talmud was interpruted during the time when the jews resided in Babylon after being taken captive and integrated Babyloinian teaching including Baal worship. This was the form taken by the Kazarian king and his followers and developed into a Lucifarian type of religion. 

As the Kazarians moved into Europe they identifyied with royalty and the political and economic elites of their time. During the course of time they intermarried with prominent families and became intertwined in government, banking and social activities of the countries where they flourished. It must also be noted that one of their characteristic traits was to change their name or identity to gain influence in the social, political and economic circles where they operated. One of the families were the Bauer family who were money lenders and changed their name to Rothschild. A detailed History of the House of Rothschilds from 1743 - 2006 by Anonymous is a “must” read to understand the influence the Rothschilds have on the world and global governments. You can also read a 52 page PDF version of it here

The Rothschilds were the originators of the Zionist movement and funded the small groups of jewish peasants to set up farms in Palestine before the Zionist movement was officially started. Zionism was an idea to establish a state for the Rothschilds jewish order and to provide a base that the Rothschilds could operate from and maintain their interests both financial, political and religious in the Middle East.


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