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The burning of the Grenfell Tower in London

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Grenfell TowerThe tragic fire that engulfed the Grenfell Tower in London England burned for 24 hours and took the lives of 30 confirmed deaths with a possible final number of 70. The media reported that the fire started from a faulty fridge and spread to the outside cladding of the building. What is interesting is that the building burned uncontrollably four 24 hours and never collapsed.

We have been told that the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City collapsed due to the fires generated from the jet fuel released during the crash of the passenger jets hitting the buildings and that building seven also collapsed due to fires that spread to it from the twin towers. This narrative has been completely controlled by the powers that be and the corrupt media contrary to the scientific evidence that has been presented by many professional scientist, engineers and architects. See Why the Events of 911 Matter

The twin towers burned for only 102 and 56 muniutes respectively and were converted to dust. Building seven totally collapsed in free-fall again from the said fires. Does that seem odd to you? It should. Other high rise buildings that have been on fire never collapsed because it takes much higher temperatures buring for a longer period of time to cause steel columns to melt.



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