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The Global Conspiracy ( Part III The Khazarian Mafia, Free Masonry and the Illuminate)

Monday, May 1, 2017

In part II of this series we outlined how the Babylonian Talmudist religion was embraced by the Khazarian King and his people. When the Russian’s pushed the Khazarian Mafia out of their homeland, they migrated into Europe and with their wealth began to mingle and intermarry with the nobility and people of influence in the countries that they settled. One of the families, the Bauer family, settled in Germany and were goldsmiths, also know as money changers. Their money magic started by securing people’s gold in a vault for safe keeping in exchange for a certificate that they could bring back and exchange back for their gold. They would charge a fee for this (know today as interest).  As more people used their service, they discovered they could give out more certificates than there was gold in the vault; a deceitful practice but of no obvious consequence. People began exchanging certificates for the exchange of goods and services because it was more convenient than carrying around actual gold. They eventually became bankers and initiated usury. 

Their fractional reserve banking system of today works on the same principles. It works until all the people want to redeem their gold (money) at the same time (known as a bank run). Today the system is one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history and is leverage with derivatives much higher than 10-1. Today the certificates (dollar bills) aren’t backed by anything, other than confidence. They just print more to keep the Ponzi scheme going. It’s now at a point of critical failure and a new money system is waiting in the wings. Another financial crisis is needed to transfer more wealth into their pockets. When that happens, it will cause financial chaos moving the masses to accept a global currency based on a new reserve currency (SDR) and block chain technology. This will cement their goal of a one world currency. Another example of the Hegelian Dialectic.

Amschel Bauer had a son Mayer that possessed immense intellectual ability, and became a successful banker and gained the influence of Royalty. He learned loaning money to governments and kings was the most profitable and the loans were secured by the nations taxes. As he became more successful, he returned to Frankfurt and purchased his fathers business. He then changed their name to Rothschild meaning Red Shield, after the name of their firm. 

This name changing was a common practice for Kazarian’s to help hide their true identity and blend in more with the current social structure. Today, the Queen of England refers to their network located in the City of London (a corporation) as the firm.

Mayer had five sons who were taught the art of money creation and manipulation and were sent to the major cities of Europe to open up branch offices for the firm. By devising a loan with William of Orange, they eventually took control of the bank of England and then set their eyes on France and helped start the French revolution. Their “World Revolutionary Movement” was a plan to secure banking monopolies with a overall plan to control the wealth and resources of the world.

Part of this plan was to infiltrate an already established Freemason network, know for their oaths to keep matters of importance secret. They would start their own Grand Lodge of the Orient and attract the intellectuals and most influential people to future their cause. A Jesuit, Dr. Adam Weishaupt, an Ashkenazi jew that infiltrated Roman Catholicism, left the Jesuits at the behest of the Rothschild’s to start the new lodge. He called their new order the “Illuminati” after Lucifer the “ Bearer of Light”. It was a secret Satanic order. 

As the name implies, those individuals who are members of the Illuminati possess the 'Light of Lucifer'. As far as they are concerned, only members of the human race who possess the 'Light of Lucifer' are truly enlightened and capable of governing. Denouncing God, Weishaupt and his followers considered themselves to be the cream of the intelligentsia - the only people with the mental capacity, the knowledge, the insight and understanding necessary to govern the world and bring it peace. Their avowed purpose and goal was the establishment of a “ ovus Ordo Seclorum” - a New World Order, or One World Government.”

Dr. Walter Veith gives a good overview of the Illuminati and Freemasonry in the video below.

Their protege later masterminded the Bolshevik Revolution that was responsible for the elimination of Christianity in Russia and the brutal murder of 10 million people. This was the beginning of Communism as a major world movement along with support of Karl Marx’s book “The Communist Manifesto.” It must be noted that any communist take over requires the elimination of Christianity. The authority of God and human dictatorial powers don’t mix.

With the help of the Illuminati network, the banking house of Rothschild became entrenched throughout Europe and then made its way to America. Several attempts were made to establish a Bank for the United States and failed costing the Rothschild’s millions. This angered them so much they fomented the war of 1812. They finally coerced the U.S. congress by the signing of the Federal Reserve Act at a time when most of Congress was away for the Christmas holiday in 1913.

From “The Illuminati and and The House of Rothschild

"One of the most prominent Illuminati Orders in the U.S. was the secret "Order of Skull & Bones". Illuminati agents, William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, founded Chapter 322, at Yale University in 1833. Then, in 1856 the Order was incorporated as the Russell Trust. William Russell became a member of the Connecticut State Legislature in 1846 and a General in Connecticut National Guard in 1862. Alphonso Taft became Secretary of War in the Grant Administration in 1876, U.S. Attorney General in 1876 and U.S. Ambassador to Russia in 1884. Alphonso Taft’s son later became Chief Justice and United States President”. 

As the Rothschild’s empire expanded, they became barons and the wealthiest jewish dynasty, and today through the Western Central Banking system and their multinational corporations, have influence and power over most of the world. In the upper levels of the network they practice Satanic rituals that include child sacrifice, the drinking of blood, pedophilia, sex trafficking, and slavery. Once a person sells their soul to this organization you are granted riches and power but are mortally entrapped and as we will see in future posts. 

It must be noted that most Jewish people, whether Ashkenazi, Sheperdic or otherwise, or with the name Rothschild should not be grouped or automatically included as part of the Khazarian Mafia, Rothschild network. Even many of the individuals that are part of the network are ignorant of the Luciferian cult operating behind the scenes and would not be initiated into the cultic practices unless they showed promise and willingly made themselves available.


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