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The Coming Deep State One World Currency

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

In 1988 the Economist magazine issued and article “Get ready for a new World Currency 2018." The Economist magazine is published by the Economist Group, 50% owned by the Rothschild family, first published in 1843. It is printed in the City of London being the Financial Capital of Western Banking. The Elite always disclose their plans to see what the reaction will be and this was accomplished 30 yrs ago. The illustration shows the paper U.S. dollars burning and a new Phoenix coin around the Eagles neck with the year 2018. 

Like a Phoenix coming out of the ashes, crypto currencies have become a new way to privatize your money exchange. The new crypto currency Bitcoin hit the $18,000 mark this week with other blockchain exchanges currently being created and promoted. These new exchanges are totally unregulated and are promoted as a way to exchange goods and services away from the all seeing eye of government and the global banking empire. People are using it as a away to move money, bypassing any disclosure and for speculation. It has been reported that BitCoin could reach 1 million dollars by 2020. By any conventional financial analysis this would be considered the bubble of all bubbles.

The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) became know to the general public through the promotion of Bitcoin which is a type. The larger global banks have been looking at distributed ledgers as a means for international payments since 2016 and are investing heavily as a cost saving measure to reduce operational risk. As of January 1, 2018 the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has helped the UK’s Standard Charted Bank issue SDR Bonds in China using DLT. This means that countiries and large corporations thatt are holders of U.S. dollars will be able to exchange them for IMF -SDR’s. This is a direct threat to the reserve status of the U.S. dollar and could be problematic to U.S. investors as outlined in the article.

SDR’S (Special Drawing Rights) are nothing new and have been around as a quasi global currency since 1969. The Economist magazine projected that the SDR should be the new world reserve currency back in 1988 and that the world should accept it without hesitation. This has been the plan all along and is now coming into fruition as disclosed. This falls in line with the United Nations 2030 agenda for a one world currency. 

The problem with the SDR is that any form of money requires confidence in value. The SDR is backed by a basket of currencies from the major industrialized countries, China being the latest to be included. Since the financial collapse of 2008, governments around the world have been printing money and increasing their debt obligations just to keep the Ponzi scheme going. None of them are financially stable, but the U.S. is in better shape than the rest. Unless the SDR is partially backed by something like gold, how much confidence will it have on world markets?

It has been reported the NSA was developing block chain technology years ago and have the encryption keys or the ability to decrypt when necessary, so is it may not be as bulletproof as the promoters claim. The NSA invented the SHA hash code that bitcoin and other crypto’s use for encryption.  We have already seen large amount of crypto coins disappear on some of the exchanges, Tether being the latest. One thing for sure, there is a trend developing for people to move to alternate forms of money exchange. They want privacy and non disclosure. The authorities seem to be leaving these technologies alone for the time being until they get a better understanding of how they work. Sooner or later they will want to control it like any other financial instrument. But the technology is here and is being use. The question is will it work for us or against us. 

A final thought about Crypto Currencies by Dr. Steve Pieczenik.


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